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    +86 186-7892-3568

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    Specializing in transportation by sea, land, air, multimodal transport and related international logistics
    aThe railway transport

    Speed of 160 km/h line express mail train is the fastest China railway freight train, according to the grades of direct express passenger train operation, direct express service for the high value-added products

    bMaritime transport

    No matter what you need logistics service, need you to do is think of us. We insist on: the unremitting efforts There is no end in the road forward for the pursuit of excellence, build a maritime transport service for you

    cAir transport

    To handle all types of cargo transport by air, including consolidation, door to door service, etc.; Provide air, air transport, multimodal transport; To undertake documents, samples, small items of one-stop transportation services

    dLand transport

    Development of trucks service, full use of all kinds of transport vehicles to provide clients with comprehensive, flexible main transportation services. For regional chain, door to door service, special, professional customers to provide linkage

    Swift international logistics.


    Professional, safe, timely and quick.

    Strong transport capacity

    Liberation, dongfeng, transport vehicles hundreds of isuzu, the specialty is engaged in domestic cargo transportation services around the country, with the rigorous transport organization, supply chain integration, is a professional transportation company.

    Create three new mode data exchange

    With temperature control combined transportation, distribution capabilities and alienation service products and mode of transportation, has a rigorous transport organization, supply chain integration, is a professional transportation company.

    Professional logistics services

    Our company has a leading information system, the entire video, let you can know the accurate schedule of every single business. Rigorous system process, to eliminate the error in system and accident, improve the emergency response mechanism and safeguard system, resolve the loss in a timely manner.

    Service project

    Can provide shipping, air transport, trains

    International transportation services and multimodal transport

    To serve our customers

    The company since its creation

    Completed more than 400 engineering cooperation projects

    Company vehicles

    The rigorous transport organization

    Provide the most professional service for you

    After-sales team

    A number of professional team

    24 hours full-time service for you



    Improve supply management

    Relying on the abundant goods transportation, land resources, the overall strength of overseas institutions, extend and improve the logistics supply chain management, to win customers trust.

    The valuables escort

    The company transport capacity is strong, powerful, reasonable price, our company can pay a certain risk deposit according to the actual cargo, valuables can be chosen to escort.

    Global vehicle transport

    Force in the international logistics company in guangzhou to the United States, Britain, Switzerland, Australia and so on the vehicle, less-than-one carload transport business all over the world.

    The phone